20 years of successful commitment in the satellite internet market.
From the heart of Europe we GlobalTT provides simple and complex internet satellite solutions all over the world, mainly in Africa. GlobalTT was born in the year of 1994. We are the successful innovators and leading service providers in the satellite market. We have our own private satellite earth station, located in Brussels, Belgium. 100% of operations are controlling from the same site (antennas, fiber links, broadband platform, security, support team, NOC, sales team, logistics, software & hardware developers, quality control, 24/7 monitoring, management, stock, etc…).

Satellite Internet Solutions

Ka-Band, Ku-Band, C-Band and other Satellite Internet Devices 

Internet Services

We helps you to connect from anywhere to anybody with the help of highly reliable satellite.
Fixed Internet
The new generation of VSAT networks mow offer personalised communication facilities from VSAT to Teleport, high speed , Dedicated, Stability and reliability, Up to 30Mbps
Maritime Internet
Internet satellite on board (sea),Up to 10 Mbps receive, Up to 512 Kbps transmit, Usually Ku-Band with a 60cm & C-Band with a 1.8m or 2.4m.Permanently tracks the satellite
Vehicle Internet
Able of handling critical high speed internet iFast applications.Up to 30 Mbps.Low price satellite Internet Antenna.Quick satellite acquisition and continues satellite fast-tracking
Flyaway Internet
Flyaway VSAT antenna designed to move easily and be operational easily and quickly to any broadband application over satellite in five minutes.
Portable Internet / Hotspots
Small portable Internet Devices like Satellite phones and Internet hotspots, iridium Go. Thuraya we, Thurayya X5-Touch,ISATHUB,ISATPHONE
Aviation Internet
Convert the Aircraft as a office and house, you can call, go through internet, chat with friends, watch videos.

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